Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Other Website

I've been working on a website since last summer. What an experience that's been! I wasn't keen on what the first designer did for me, so I decided to design a new site for myself. Then had problems getting what I'd designed to translate across computer platforms once uploaded. So now I'm working with a new design company, Precision Intermedia in Fortuna CA, which will be my new host as well, and I'm creating new sets in Flickr for galleries of my works for sale. The whole affair seemed, at the outset, like it would be relatively easy and trouble free, given the number of sites on the web these days. I suppose, though, that the seemingly never-ending quality to this project is due to my being an artist and very particular.

Anyway, I'm missing posting photos for your viewing pleasure, so here's one I like...

Happy Valentine's Day! This is the first year in over 20 that I've had a Valentine! So I share my love with you all.


Sweet Irene said...

That's a long time to go without a Valentine and I think one of the reasons to boycott the holiday, because there are many single people out there who don't need to have their noses rubbed in it by the Hallmark industry.

I am sorry, I am a cynic when it comes to the holidays and the over commercialization of them.

Here in the Netherlands it is not such a big deal and I am glad for that, but I see a movement to the contrary.

Have a great day, ciao...

Connie Rose said...

I completely agree with you. I wasn't big on the holidays for all those years, sometimes hid at home because it was all so "in your face" out there in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend!