Monday, February 25, 2008

...And More Color

These are some of what I have to work with for my next simple silk scarves. That chartreuse is to die for. It's one of my very favorite -- mostly-green silk hankies with inch square dots of turquoise and orange painted on here and there. It spins up to where there are these little nubs of orange and turquoise throughout the chartreuse. It's so beautiful I haven't wanted to use it! Kind of like getting a new dress and then keeping it in the closet for a year before you wear it, like a secret.

The variegated purple in front is hand dyed and spun bombyx silk top. Another fantastic colorway.

I'm between projects at the moment, letting my thoughts gather for what to do next. Sometimes having too many ideas waiting in the wings creates this momentary sense of overwhelm, to where I can't focus on any one thing. That's where I am today.

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Sweet Irene said...

I can imagine that feeling, so one of them has to grow bigger and become the one you focus on. Time will tell.

The colors are beautiful and I want to take all that yarn in my hands and push my nose into it, as if I could smell it. As if they all had different scents.

It's lovely to see so much hand made product. Very kissable!