Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Pleasure of Spinning

Sitting at my wheel early this morning, I was reminded, as I often am, of just how pleasurable it is to spin yarn. I love my spinning wheel and I spin every day. I wouldn't miss it. First thing in the morning, after I've fed my kitty, BeeGee, I sit down to spin, to organize my thoughts for the day, decide how I want the day to look, how I imagine it unfolding before me. Frequently, little things I've been meaning to do but have tucked away in the folds of my brain will come back while I'm spinning, and I'll get up, do that little task or project, and come right back to the wheel. Several times throughout the day, when I'm finished with one project but not on to the next quite yet, or as a segue between one part of the day and the next, or even as a mini-break in the routine of something else, I will sit down and spin. It is so grounding to me, like being home again at the beginning of things. I also get a lot of spinning done, which is a good thing, being a fiber artist.

I completed the shadow weave scarf I began last Friday, and now I'm on to another one. Here are a couple photos of the finished one...

And here's BeeGee, the feline love of my life, sitting on a weaving, no less. He loves to help me fringe my pieces!


Irene said...

I have discovered you thanks to Sue of Sacred Circle Mandalas and I must say that I am quite impressed with the work you do. All that spinning and dyeing and weaving. Such dedication!

I have bookmarked your page and will be by every day to see what you are up to. I can see why your cat likes to hang out on the finished products. They are very appealing!

Cate Rose said...

Thanks Sweet Irene. Sign up for my email updates. And thanks for stopping by in future.

Blessings, Connie

Leah said...

the scarf is gorgeous!! and what a handsome kitty!! :-)

Marie said...

Check out for your Make My Day Award!

Cate Rose said...

Thanks for the award, Marie. I really appreciate the mention (also thanks to Leah for listing me on her site!).
FYI, Marie, on your blog, the links to blogs that you've mentioned don't work -- check out the properties of the links and you'll see that you can't get there from your site.
Blessings to all,