Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Handspun, Handknit Gems

I'll admit these sweaters were done nearly 10 years ago, but since I've been weaving, I've been knitting a lot less. One of the reasons (I tell myself) that I started weaving in the first place was to use up some of the handspun yarn I was producing fast and furiously, because I could never knit it up as fast as I was spinning it. So I've woven my way through much of that early yarn, most of it wools that I rarely use anymore, and sold the resulting woven scarves. Leaving me with lots of hand dyed, handspun silks that I've yet to weave!

These gems are all handspun and designed by me. I sold one of them a few years ago, three I personally wear every winter, and two are for sale in my studio. (The two available sweaters are the cropped, ribbed cinnamon silk/romney sweater, below, and the funnel neck, sleeveless hand dyed wool sweater atop this post.)

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June said...

These are all gorgeous, Connie!