Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Life in Old Studio

This is my new painting studio.  I'm really happy with it and have spent time this week getting used to working here.

I have my table easel set up on a height-adjustable rolling laptop table...and I also intend to use the easel on the big table on the right for larger pieces.  The drawer unit, also rolling, holds paper and all my supplies and a few tools; in fact, I still have a couple empty drawers.  The 3-tier cart, also rolling, slips under the big table on the right when not in use.

I moved all my old childrens' books to the top shelf above the big table where they're still easy to reach but out of the way.

I've got empty spaces on my shelves now, room to store a lot more work.

Thought I'd mention what I'm up to now re: painting.  I've really wanted to get back to acrylic painting, pretty much since I abandoned it two (or has it been three?) years ago.  Altho I'm still set up to do watercolors when the mood strikes.

I've already taken all the acrylic classes I wanted to take, have the books, etc., and now I will paint in virtual isolation.  No outside challenges, no classes with student blogs, no input or feedback from anyone else (hence no posting anywhere of my work). I am trusting my muse, my inner guidance from here on out.  I know what to do, and I'll be doing it.

I'll continue to post collages here, because I continue to make them.  It's something I really enjoy and I don't intend to stop.

As I do every year, I'll be closing my Etsy Shop soon, until I reopen later this year with new work.  So I'm having a 50 Percent OFF Everything Sale from now through Saturday February 3.

The items currently in the shop will not be available after February 3.  I won't relist them again.  So please, if there's anything there now that strikes your fancy, NOW is the time to purchase.  Go to the shop HERE.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Work in Progress

My studio upgrade is still in photos next week.  Every time I do this kind of thing, and as seldom as I've done it, it requires going through everything...getting rid of some stuff, moving other stuff around in the studio, and cleaning it all off before it's jettisoned or rearranged.

I actually love doing this kind of thing.  It's inspiring to go through all your stuff and weed through it.  Also exceptionally inspiring ~ finding work of your own that you love that you haven't seen in a while.  Work you want to go back to, in terms of genre, and pick up again and move forward with.

There's a 30% OFF Sale going on right now in my Etsy Shop, on Art Quilts and Paintings.  Through Wednesday, January 17.

Anyhoo, I'll leave you with my collages for the week.  xx

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Home Free

The new year has started off with a bang for me.  I haven't had a "word for the year" for a number of years, but "freedom" came to me about a week ago, so I'm going with that for 2018.

And it's very apt, because last year I finally put to rest issues that have been dogging me for eons.  And now I truly am free.

Free to live the rest of my life unimpeded by old crap.  Free to create every day exactly how I want it.  So free that I truly love, honor and respect myself, everything I am, everything I do, how I do my life in every way.  I'm who I've been waiting for.

I'm on a creative roll again.  I've taken up painting again, both watercolor and very soon acrylics.  I'm doing it now purely for my own enjoyment and pleasure.  I don't need to show or post my new work anywhere.  It's all for me, now.

I've reorganized and rearranged things in my studio, and after the couple of things I've ordered arrive, I'll be able to keep my easel set up by the north window...instead of the ironing board, which has been in that spot since I moved in nine years ago (sorry, BeeGee), being there.

And more storage for acrylic supplies so they're handy and accessible.  And more storage for lots of other stuff so I have more room to store finished canvasses and panels. 

I've also been getting rid of stuff I don't need, my continual-downsizing practice.  Every time I let go of something that no longer serves me, there's room for new, more appropriate stuff.

I feel in my bones that 2018 is going to be a great year.  I hope it is for all of us.


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Beginner's Mind

Happy New Year!  Wishing more love, peace of mind, kindness and compassion 
for all of us in the new year.  Blessings xx

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Coptic Chops

I spent much of the past week making journals to collage in.  Despite all the books I've made in the past five years, these are actually the first that I made for myself with a distinct purpose in mind.

The two on the right in this photo are tall and narrow ~ they have virtually the same size paper as the Midori Travelers Notebook inserts I've been using to collage in.  I like that size ~ each spread is 8.5 x 8.5 (actually the Midori insert spread is 8.25 x 8.5).

The pages in the third journal are 8.5 x 5.5, a standard half-letter size page. This is slightly bigger than the handmade journal I'm also using now for collages (see last two photos below).  I also like this size to work in.

That handmade journal I just referred to, A Hermit's Wild Friends, that I made in a workshop a few years ago, was not designed to do all that collaging in.  The bound spine is/was not wide enough to accommodate adding all that ephemera, which has caused the fore edges to fan out to about four inches already...and I'm not finished with it yet.

Consequently, because the book was constructed with only heavy two-sided tape holding the covers onto the rest of the book, the covers started to pop off the book.  So I just pulled them all the way off a few months ago.  

When I'm finished with this journal, I'll glue the covers back on with PVA.  Or, I'll fashion covers out of something else, and use those cool vintage covers for another journal down the road...probably the latter.

Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend, whatever you celebrate. xx

Saturday, December 9, 2017


I received a huge gift this week, one that will possibly last me for the rest of my life.

And that's the gift of hearing. By virtue of my being a MediCal recipient (that's Medicaid in California), which provides a full range of healthcare services, for low-income people, not normally covered elsewhere, I was able to see an audiologist and then have hearing aids custom made for my particular hearing loss.

I got them on Tuesday, and other than when I'm sleeping, I'm wearing them all the time now.

Previously I had a pair of hearing aids that were reconditioned devices, matched as well as possible to my hearing loss but not made expressly for me, through the Hearing Foundation in CA, which is part of the Lions Club...that outfit that collects and distributes used eyeglasses to people in need. 

I hated those hearing aids and rarely wore them.  They were an older technology, didn't work well, and were uncomfortable.  They were more trouble and pain than they were worth (and did cost me $400 at the time I got them). 

So I kind of assumed I'd rarely wear the new ones, because I spend so much time on my own.  Now that I have them, though, now that I'm hearing the normal sounds of life being lived, I'm hooked.  It kind of feels like all of my senses have come alive again because I'm running on all burners.

Just a few of the delightful everyday sounds I'm enjoying again ~~ my wind chimes outside.  BeeGee talking to me, and he's quite vocal, especially when he's hungry. BeeGee purring.  The birds outside.  The sound of my own voice.

I'm really looking forward to the next rain we have, because I haven't been able to hear it unless I had the window wide open or was standing out in it.

I'm feeling extremely grateful.  You can't take anything for granted in life, especially when you're poor and older and it seems like things are routinely being subtracted from our lives.  And then a true gift arrives.

Happy Holidays to you all.  Have a blessed week. xx